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east hills We received a lead from a local Facebook group. The customer was in need of a house wash and window cleaning. We met up at the customers’ home for a free estimate. The customer showed us some problem areas with heavy algae dirt and mildew. The customer also stated that her husband tried to clean the house with a pressure washer with very little results. We mentioned to the customer that we use a soft wash system on vinyl siding to prevent any damage a pressure washer can do. Our soft wash system put out the same pressure as a typical garden hose. We use soaps and detergents to treat, remove and kill any dirt grim and mildew instead of pressure. Other washer may only use pressure to clean the surfaces. This does not treat the surface which will lead to organic growth coming back faster than it needs to.

After amazing results of the house wash, we moved on to the windows. We cleaned all the exterior windows and glass doors with a water fed pole which uses deionized water to leave a clear streak free finish. We were able to clean the second floor windows safely from the ground without going on a ladder.

The customer was amazed by the results. The siding was bright white, almost blinding with the sun shining on it. The windows were crystal clear.


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