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When your roof gets dirty, it can be risky business to have it cleaned. When it comes time for your Long Island roof to get a roof cleaning service, you can rest easy knowing you just found the right people for the job.

We at Gold Star Pressure Wash LLC are the go-to company for roof cleaning, and any other pressure washing needs you may have. Our mission is to ensure only the best pressure washing experience for everyone involved.

You can trust our team of highly skilled experts to use only the most efficient pressure washing techniques and rely on only the most appropriate equipment for each job, which is sure to leave your roof looking its best. If you need a roof cleaning service or any other residential pressure washing service, don’t hesitate. Call us now at 516-884-9449 to schedule a service today.


Your roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of your house. It is sensitive to pressure, and can easily be damaged. When it comes to roof cleaning, soft washing is the only way to get it done. Unlike the powerful torrents of water used for other pressure washing services, like house washing, soft washing is a gentler method.

The water pressure used for soft washing is quite mild and poses no risk of causing damage to your property. So how does it clean? It relies on a mild detergent that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. This detergent is more than capable of cleaning off any organic build-up – such as algae, mold, lichen, and other grime – while being non-harmful to any of the plants you have on your property.


Roof cleaning can be quite difficult for homeowners to do by themselves because of how high off the ground you have to get.

Getting yourself and your equipment on top of your roof is challenging enough. But to then find a stable position to safely clean your roof may seem almost impossible. If you plan to clean your own roof it will like go one of two ways. Either you aren’t able to safely clean every part of your, and leave spots of filth. Or you may lose your footing, which can result in serious injury or worse.

Don’t risk your life for a subpar roof cleaning. To get the best pressure washing for Long Island properties, call us at Gold Star Pressure Wash LLC.

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