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Pressure Washing to keep you Healthy

Pressure washing can mean wonders for any property. It’s an affordable yet effective way to raise the curb appeal of your property, and it also serves an important function in maintaining the health of your house or business. But there are other benefits pressure washing can have for you and others. The most important benefit to pressure washing may actually be that it keeps people healthy.


You know your property gets dirty, no matter if it’s residential or commercial. Due to a variety of outside factors like the weather, sunlight, humidity, and local plant & animal life, your property is prone to the build-up of substances like:

  • Algae
  • Mold
  • Lichen
  • Bird droppings
  • Mildew

These substances are high in bacteria and can form a legitimate risk for the health of your household, friends, customers, and employees.

Especially for those with a weak immune system, like young children, the elderly, or the immuno-compromised. To prevent unwanted health complications from affecting you or the people around you, regular pressure washing is key for both commercial and residential properties. Roof cleaning, house washing, and building washing services are particularly useful, as they are both areas prone to building up organic substances and make up a large portion of the surface of your home and workplace.


The health risk associated with organic build-up isn’t something to be taken lightly. Most people spend the majority of their time at home and at their workplace, where constant exposure to organic build-up means that negative health effects have ample opportunity to surface.

While this means that your household and employees are at the greatest risk of getting sick, they aren’t the only ones who can be affected. Organic build-up on the exterior of businesses and homes can also affect people just visiting, like friends or customers. This means that those same negative health effects can still impact the health of those with weaker immune systems even if they don’t live or work on the property.

Regular pressure washing remains the best course of action to keep those around you safe.


You might be wondering, how often is regular pressure washing for my property?

How often your property should be pressure washed really depends. But generally, we recommend scheduling a pressure washing service at least once a year for residential properties, and once a year minimum, up to 4 times a year for commercial properties, depending on how quickly the build-up forms on your business.

Keep your home and business safe by scheduling a pressure washing service today. Call Gold Star Pressure Wash LLC at 516-884-9449.

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